by Vienna ’16

Arriving at Rafaela’s house to a beautiful breakfast this morning was an excllent way to start our long day. Today we visited the touristy but equally beautiful city of Granada. Like much of Nicaragua, the buildings in Granada were a rainbow of electric colors. Many of these buildings were partially in ruin, but the locals happily inhabit these homes and shops. Because Granada is a port, it attracts tourists. The locals spend their days as street venders pushing things like fresh cut fruit, ice cream, and hand-made trinkets (but most importantly sunglasses!). We spent the day touring the city and went on a boat ride around the islands set in Lake Nicaragua. The most surprising thing for me so far has been the eccentric spirit that not only runs through the people, but also the culture. You can feel the pride the people have for their country which is greatly admirable. I feel I have also grown closer to the people around me in just one full day. The spirit of the Nicaraguans is flowing through us and I can tell everyone is happy to be here. From sharing our experiences to taking day excursions, I think our bond as a group is growing stronger. I am excited to see what’s in store for the days to come.

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