Saturday in France

Saturday, March 7

A gorgeous day today, about 50 degrees, mostly blue skies. Most of the students went to Strasbourg with their host siblings, although Simone was busy elsewhere with her family. They walked all over the city, about 45 minutes from their homes. Some visited the Cathedral, some tried to take a boat ride but alas, the locks were not functioning properly at that time. They ate well, their host families advising them about all the Alsacian specialties, one of which is the Tarte Alsacienne, a thin crusted pizza-like dish with mostly onions, bits of ham and cheese (see photo). Others may have had a choucroutte (sauerkraut with pork garnishes).

Tomorrow they will spend another day with their family.

We saw all the kids today (except for Simone), just by chance, because it was not planned that we the leaders meet them in Strasbourg – we just happened to meet them there! Hope you like the pics. (Brian is not in the photos – he was not around when we took them!)


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