A Conversation with Kathy Coyle

An interview with Kathy Coyle conducted by Chloe ’16. Check out some of Chloe’s other posts on the blog including: Pumpkin Spice Oreos, Filling Your Empty Canvases (Making a Dorm Room Feel Like a Home, Not a Box), and Speaking of Squirrels.

Hey Kathy!

Hey Chloe

You excited? You look super excited.

I’m so pumped!

Easy questions: What’s your name?

…Kathy… Coyle…?

Deep breath. You got it.

When’s your birthday?

My birthday is the 21st of––

Happy belated!

            (Kathy’s adorable laugh)

What are your positions here at GS?

I am a science teacher, Westwood dorm head, varsity softball coach, and general troublemaker here at George School.

            And what’s the best dorm on campus?

            Well, what do you think? Westwood for the win!

What’s your prefered pronoun?

She. I like feminine pronouns.

Do you have a nickname?

There’s not a whole lot you can do with “Kathy,” but some of my varsity girls call me KDawg, which is pretty neat.


            Yeah! Because, You know, I got swagger…

What’s your favorite color?

Green. Like, forest green. Specifically George School green.

What’s your favorite TV show?

Oh, Modern Family, of course!

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Well, I spend a great deal of time hanging with my sweet boys, Calvin and Tobi. Besides that I enjoy hiking, biking, swimming, and playing every sport possible.

What do you like most about working at GS?

What I love most about GS is that it’s really a place where you can just be, you know? George School is just such an accepting and loving place, and its so full of bright young people. It’s a community that really makes you feel a part of something and it nurtures my family so much.

What’s your fondest memory of GS?

The moments that stick with me most are always seeing my girls in the dorm being so loving to each other. It makes me feel like a proud mama.

What’s your favorite spot on campus?

Chloe, you should totally know this! It’s the softball field. Duh.

Are you the best dancer in your department?

Absolutely not. That would be Polly Lodge. hands down. No discussion. Lady’s got moves.

What would you doooOOOOooo for a Sticky Bun?

Oh gosh, I would do just about anything for one of those! I mean, as long as it’s not too revealing. I’ll admit, there are a lot of permissible actions when it comes to Sticky Buns.

Do you think we’ll get the Moose and Machemer cups this year?

Oh yeah. I mean, I always assume we will, but I’ve got a particularly good feeling about this year.

What’s your craziest GS Memory?

There was one year–not sure if was your freshman year or… but anyways, there was one year where the West Main/Orton water balloon fights were starting to get really intense, so naturally I had to join in on the fun. I snuck out with some balloons and we pelted those boys with a vengeance, but then someone yells “RUN! IT’S EDNA!” And you would think because I’m a teacher and a dorm head I could just play it cool, but I didn’t want to bet busted! I ran as fast as I could right along with them and hid in the dorm! I think I may have run someone over… but we don’t have to talk about that.

What’s your favorite morning drink?

Why? You paying?


Just joshing. I like milk in the mornings. But those Starbuck mocha-choca drinks are really good too…

Are you a Quaker?

I am not, but it’s probably the coolest religion out there.

What do you think about George School’s Quaker values?

Dude, what moral miscreant disagrees with Quaker values? No questions, no complaints.

Have you had any nutty experiences with a George School Squirrel?

A baby squirrel once fell out of its nest in from of the science center, and all the science faculty rallied to save it. That’s honestly one of my fondest memories about this old place…

Nancy Starmer has declared an interdepartmental Four Square competition. Which department would win the cup?

Science, of course! WE HAVE PACHO!

What’s the best part of dorm living?

I love late night movies with the girls. That’s gotta be my favorite part.

And what’s the biggest struggle with dorm living?


Getting up with two boys in the morning after staying up watching late-night movies with the girls.

I hereby declare a bake-off between the dorm heads. Who do you think will would win?

Is there any question? Ask Stephen Moyer.

Yeah, he’s in agreement. Laurie’s got the title once more.

            Heck yeah she does!

Which faculty/staff member has the most swag? (You are allowed to nominate yourself, since you’re so swagalicious.)

That’s a tough one! But I think Ralph Lelii and Edward Pittman are tied for the swag award. I mean, those scarves… I wish I could rock a scarf like Lelii.

Want to send a shout-out to anyone on campus?

Shout out to all my Westwood girls, my beautiful partner, my boys, and everyone in the science department.

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