Why I Chose George School – Kirsten

Our George School Ambassadors were asked to share their stories about why they chose George School. There is no typical George School path but they all share a common thread: a love of people and learning. Read on to find out what made Kirsten ’15 join the George School community.

A wet and dreary day it was when I took my first steps on this otherwise breathtaking campus. Lucky for me, the sun still shone the day of my interview and tour through the faces of the admissions officers and the students. As an eighth grader from a Catholic school, the idea of a campus was overwhelming. The tour I received quickly eased my anxieties and transformed them into excitement. Under my big George School umbrella, I took in the new scenery. With an amazing tour guide who became a very close friend of mine throughout my George School career, the reasons why my brother bragged about this school were revealed to me.

Kirsten Hellmuth '15

Kirsten Hellmuth ’15

Brother? Oh boy, here we go. Yes, I have a brother who is one grade ahead of me. I have always followed in his footsteps, so logically I followed him to George School. What I was unaware of as I entered the admissions process was the fact that my George School experience would be something from another planet compared to my brother’s. My individuality was allowed to shine through as I realized that my preferences not only differed, but were encouraged in this new environment. I didn’t have to follow the same course plan as him. I got to choose my own way, through options of sports, classes, course plans, activities, etc.

So, listen here! If you have a sibling, have no fear! Create your own George School experience! My brother and I have taken different paths ultimately, but we both grew in all aspects while at George School. We grew to become better people and lead our own lives. He is now at college, which I am proud to say I will not be following him to. I will be attending college, just not his, because George School has shown me the beauty in being unique.

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