Top 5 Myths about College Acceptance

by Suzi Nam, director of College Guidance

Editor’s note: Suzi shared this list with the Class of 2015 via email just before Thanksgiving break. A former college admission director, Suzi is uniquely qualified to explain to students what the world of college admission is like. Read on to learn about the top five myths students face as they apply to college.

  1. Only first term grades matter.

NOT true!  We send midyear grades, which are given in the middle of your second term, and we send your final transcript to the college to which you enroll, and based on those grades, they can RESCIND your admission.  Yes, that happens all the time.

  1. You can drop your hard classes after you’ve been admitted.

NOT true!  Again, colleges may rescind your admission if you drop courses or try to replace them with an ‘easier’ course.  Remember, colleges have wait lists of students they can accept in your place.

  1. Colleges won’t hear about discipline issues once you’ve been accepted.

NOT true!  You are required to report any discipline issues that occur during senior year, if it ends with a suspension or expulsion.

  1. Fine, we won’t make horrible grades, but it’s not important to get strong grades once you’ve been admitted.

NOT true!  Although we hope that once you get into college, you’ll be tremendously happy and walking on sunshine, but should you want to transfer, they WILL ask for your high school transcripts, so you want to be sure that your grades will present the BEST of you.

  1. Dropping extracurricular activities at this point is fine.

NOT true!  This may not change your admission decision, but along the lines of #4, your commitment and leadership is something that is well worth the effort in case you transfer, and more importantly, for your own growth as a human being.  It’s not all about getting into college!

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