Student Art Showcase – Jake ’16

At George School, we enjoy celebrating the varied talents of our students. We asked one of our GS Ambassadors, Jake Kind ’16, to share some of his artwork.

black and white drawing of a woman with long hair and a textured blouse

The Collage of Persephone
Jake Kind ’16

“The Prayer of Persephone”

Daughter of garden, 

sunken in mud, 

let thy gravity uphold

the ignorance of our greed, 

let the inopportune hedge 

guide our bodies to the 

cliff of the river

so that our memories, 

a grouping of elements 

that irreversibly corrects 

the anticipatory fathoms of our petals, 

darken to the sightings of our 


which in turn,

melts our seeds until the 

hummingbirds and their feathers 


and our vivacious bottlenecked scars 


And let us say


The medium used to create the piece was pen and ink on printer paper.  Talking about art can be awkward.  But George School comforts my awkward cloak and aids me in my explanation of the analysis that delves into the diluted contrast of the lines which corresponds to the upward and downward motions that irreversibly create the forms that command the piece.  Oh, and just a side note – I never “predraw” with pencil.

All about that impulse penmanship.  

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