Harvest Weekend

teenage boy sitting on brick bench. a tree and brick building are in the background

Michael Silver ’16

by Michael Silver ’16, Admission Office ambassador

At George School, we have many weekends dedicated to certain topics. Recently, George School hosted Harvest Weekend, one of the most exciting seasonal weekends of the year. Highlights from the weekend included pumpkin carving, hayrides, a haunted house, a costume dance, and apple butter making. Needless to say, much of the campus spent the weekend enthralled in the fun activities. Personally, I particularly enjoyed pumpkin carving, and found it to be a new, intriguing, and joyously laborious event.

Despite being a day student, and having lived in Bucks County–a Philadelphia suburb–I’d somehow never gotten the opportunity to carve a pumpkin up until this fall. Yes, this is my third year as a GS student, but I’d always been put off by the messy and complicated appearance of pumpkin carving, as well as the seemingly high artistic requirements associated with such a difficult task. However, this year, I decided to try. Walking in to Marshall (the day student hub of campus) where all DSC_0306of the carving was happening, I quickly realized the daunting quantity of pumpkin brains/guts that would need to be removed from the pumpkin; clearly, I was about to partake in a very messy activity. Mustering up some courage, I picked out a pumpkin and proceeded to work on it with a more experienced friend. By the end of the weekend, there were many, many beautifully carved pumpkins. I would not include my shabby pumpkin in that category, but I had a really great time making it.

In many aspects, fall is a wonderful time of year, especially at George School. Harvest Weekend, in addition to Halloween, is one of the best components of a joyous autumn. At George School, fall is a time of new beginnings. It’s the start of a new school year, and serves to prepare us for what can be a grueling winter. Of course, at George School, there’s no such thing as a dismal time period, but the winter’s cold and spring’s reality of imminent goodbyes are not a problem in the fall. Instead, the fall allows us to focus on the year ahead, meet new people, watch the leaves change color, and appreciate all that our beautiful and harmonious campus has to offer.

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