Meet Our Ambassadors

by Ashley Pettway (admission office) and the George School Ambassadors

I haven’t been at George School long but I already feel at home. I can’t quite pinpoint exactly what it is about this place that makes it so incredibly special—maybe it’s the beautiful campus, the incredible resources both tangible and intangible, or maybe it’s the genuinely friendly people who emanate warmth every day. I guess it’s silly to attempt to identify one thing that makes George School so special. There are lots of incredible aspects of this school and honestly, what makes this place special is different for everyone…so, I’ve enlisted some help.

The George School Ambassador Program is a leadership position on campus sponsored by the Admission Office. Exceptional juniors and seniors are invited to apply for a small number of openings. The selected ambassadors then serve as student representatives during prospective student interviews and various admission events. Our ambassadors have one more very important role–to create content for the George School Voices blog. Who knows what it’s like to be a student at GS better than an actual student at GS? Our ambassadors will blog, share pictures, and make videos about their experiences here. That being said, I’m sure you guys are much more interested in our ambassadors and what they have to say so let’s introduce them.

Meet our Ambassadors:


teenage boy sitting on brick porch. sign on right reads "admission office"

Mehdi Bennani ’16

Mehdi Bennani
Salutations! My name is Mehdi Bennani and I am an international student at George School. Born and raised in Casablanca, Morocco, I speak four languages which are Arabic, French, English, and Spanish. As a junior boarder, I participate in numerous activities which include Model United Nations, soccer, computer club, and health club. My favored recreations include track racing, boxing, and reading.


teenage boy sitting on brick structure with trees and bushes in the background.

Rob Harrington ’16

Rob Harrington
I’m Rob and I’m a member of the class of 2016. I’m from Scotch Plains-Fanwood, New Jersey.

I spend my time being with my friends and playing ping-pong against whoever happens to be in Marshall Center on most nights (I’m not the best, but I became hooked on playing two years ago and keep getting better). I can find fun making just about anything with Microsoft Word. So naturally, I love contributing to our school’s two magazine programs.

I’m the kind of person who finds most things engaging, and would probably participate in everything if I had infinite time, but I’ve enjoyed embracing and experimenting with words as a practical hybrid of art and science. I love that writing lets me express my thoughts with the same degree of intention that goes into thinking them, and that it can do so with such wonderful precision. It’s the best gift someone, especially who thinks as much as I do, could ask for.


teenage girl sitting on hanging bench. two columns and a tree are in the background

Kirsten Hellmuth ’15

Kirsten Hellmuth
My name is Kirsten Hellmuth and I am a senior day student here at George School. I am a Day Student Prefect, Admissions Tour Guide, George School Ambassador, and Varsity Volleyball Captain! I am full IB senior and a competitive cheerleading alumna. I’m sad to say I will be graduating this May, but until then I have plenty of wisdom to fill you in on! Some things you need to know about me would be that I love pizza, adore puppies, and really love to travel (even though I haven’t done much). I’m extremely adventurous and love new places, so it is not a surprise that I went on the Nicaragua service trip this past Spring. I run on a lot of coffee, but love everything I am a part of. I’m full of knowledge, both usable and useless, so feel free to email me any questions!


teenage boy standing in grassy area. large tree and bench are in the background

Jake Kind ’16

Jake Kind
This is the story about a boy, a name, which happens to be Jacob Asher Kind, a nickname, which happens to just be Jake, a projected year of graduation, 2016, an origin, none other than the quaint town of Furlong, and a list of won4derful (yes, that is won4derful, pronounced wun-for-dur-ful) activities said boy enjoys on the campus of George School. Those activities include consuming food in the Dining Hall and painting and drawing in the majestic kingdom of wooden planks and crumpled paper that is The Art Room. So join said boy in the story, and learn his “quirky facts.” Some “quirky facts” include said boy’s ability to Netflix for multiple days without movement of the muscles, besides eye movement and at various occasions
Jaw dropping.
Enjoy your day.


teenage girl stands on brick patio holding backpack. trees and buildings are in the background

Autumn McMillan ’16

Autumn McMillan

Hi, my name is Autumn McMillan and I’m a Junior Boarder. I hail from New York City, the best city in the world. My FAVORITE past times are playing basketball, hanging out with friends, dancing on furniture in my room when my roommates not home, and stepping. I am currently the R&B Step Team captain and I literally am addicted to stepping. I eat, sleep, think step 24/7. My love for step has become so intense that it has overflown into my PE class! I constantly miss the ball during a game because I’m in my own world, making up a step. I also love playing CDs on my walkman (yes I still have one) in my downtime. You can always catch me whimsically dancing on the furniture (most likely a desk) in my room listening to an old Hilary Duff CD or Dark Horse by Katy Perry. Last but most certainly not least, the most important fact about me is that I LOVE PICKLES AND CAKE (separately)! My weird taste buds have attracted me to these two delicious treats which I eat on the regular no matter what. So, basically my life consists of eating pickles and cake, stepping, dancing on furniture, and being a proud Georgian!


teenage boy sitting on brick bench. a tree and brick building are in the background

Michael Silver ’16

Michael Silver
My name is Michael Silver. I am a Junior Day Student from New Hope, Pennsylvania. On campus, I’m a Peer Group Leader, a member of the Discipline Committee, and now an Admissions Office Ambassador. I belong to the Business and Investing Club, JSA, and Model UN. I also play for the George School Basketball and Tennis teams. Go Cougars! I can’t wait to start blogging.


This is going to be a great year. I look forward to sharing our school with you.


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