Pumpkin Spice Oreos

Hello, all.

By now we can agree that the George School academic year is in full, Cougar Crazy swing. We are all getting to know our new teachers and excitedly greeting our old ones in the happy halls that make up our friendly establishment. Yes, Friends, the year is on, and we are ready to take it in with open arms, hearts, and minds.

I know I’m super excited for the rest of this year, though I have to admit that I am amazed at how quickly summer flew by me. Only about a month ago I was lounging on my couch with a fuzzy blanket wrapped around my torso and Netflix reflected in my retina. Just before that, I was a whimsical sophomore coasting on the gentle waves of my then minimal workload. Answer me this: what happened? Where’s my Netflix? Where’s my blanket? Where did all this homework come from?

I’m just kidding, of course ­­- I really am happy to be back. In fact, I was only halfway through the summer when I realized just how much I missed school. I missed Betsy Loughran, the string ensemble teacher, pursing her lips at me when I didn’t practice the violin. I missed the way the dust filtered through the light in the Meetinghouse. I missed shouting “look, it’s Marion the Librarian!” as I trekked up the hill. I missed sticky buns…

Yeah, I missed a bunch of stuff. But I’ll tell you something I could do without: THIS WEATHER.

Two days ago, I passed through the Brown House threshold and came to the startling realization that it was colder outside than it was inside. Not only that, but Giant has started selling Pumpkin Spice Oreos. You heard me: PUMPKIN SPICE OREOS. Oh, how time has flown. Fall is upon us, my Friends, and pretty soon we’ll all be back on our couches, under our blankets, watching Netflix, and wishing we were back at school.

My message for today is a familiar one: Embrace the school year, but be sure to treasure every moment. Also, don’t eat the Pumpkin Spice Oreos. They’re nasty.

Until next time,

Chloe HD ’16


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