Cuba Update from Monica


It’s Monica here to tell you all about our wonderful day.  This morning, we rose at 7:30 a.m. for an 8:00 breakfast.  After eating the usual assortment of mangoes, pineapple, bread, and coffee, we headed outside for a strenuous day lifting buckets of sand up to the roof of the church.  Although we were sweaty and sore from the hard work we had been doing, our group kept spirits high and finished lifting the whole pile of sand in about three and a half hours.  I have seen the manual labor on the trip having a cathartic effect on me and many of the members of the trip.  During the actual work, we feel terrible, but afterwards, we are cleansed by our efforts and the projected effect that our work will have in the future for the community of the church.

After a short break the group gathered for a delicious lunch in the church.  I overheard many fecund conversations amongst the people in the tables next to me.  Then Tom announced that for the next few hours, we would be able to spend some time in Holguin and have the opportunity to visit an internet café.  Surprisingly, every single person decided against using the internet café.  I thought that this was very special because even after hearing most people air their grievances about not being able to Google the answers to debates or check their grade reports, we all decided to stick it out and fully experience our time in Holguin.  Most groups separated to seek out coffee, while others haggled with street vendors for beautiful jewelry and wooden goods.   After about an hour and a half, we headed back to the church for some rest and journal time.

Soon after, a big red truck arrived to take us to the house of Roxana and her family.  We had a wonderful dinner and the main dish was a sauce with plantain balls and veggies.  After dinner, we dismantled the table to form a makeshift dance floor where we spent a long time bailando.  The night culminated in a trip to the roof and some talk about college and the future.  We are all very sad to have to leave this place in two days; it has been a great trip!

P. S. Hi Mom!

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