By Chloe ’16


That’s the best word I can use to describe this year so far. That, and cold. But I’m willing to forgive mother nature for that bit of chill, especially after some of the beautiful weather she’s given us recently. What a blessing it’s been!

The days have been flying by in groups, recently. Regardless of the weather, I’ve come to realize a bittersweet reality: It’s graduation season AGAIN. Last year’s graduation season was tough, but this year it feels different. The graduating seniors will always be “The Juniors” to me, and (it may sound crazy, but) I always seem to forget that all classes graduate eventually. Though this summer will no doubt be an awesome one for us all, I’m still kind of sad to see the seniors go.

But something pretty cool occurred at the end of today’s blur. After semi-halfheartedly tossing paint at a canvas (what can I say? It’s cloudy out; my mood is affected), I heard Bancroft’s distant bells and departed from Retford. I was nearly out the door when I saw some pretty amazing stuff: the Winds of Change and the earth’s rotation itself.

No, seriously!

I stepped out onto to cement in front of Retford and I had to stop and collect myself because I was unsure if it was me or the ground that was moving because a strong, warm breeze blew in from what I think was the south, and caused everything–the grass, the trees, the fallen flower petals, even some GS students–to head in the same direction while I stood still. It looked like the earth was spinning in a rotation driven by the wind, with Retford and me at its center. Not only that, but when I blinked, it stopped. How freaky is that!?

Being a (not often) wise and (rarely) pensive individual, I analyzed the event. What I gathered is that the strange occurrence in front of Retford was a message from the Universe telling me not to let time fly by without me. I take it the Universe wants me to cherish the time I have left with my senior buddies before they take to the wind and go off to lead more serious and strenuous lifestyles. I think Carolyn Lyday would say this may have been an epiphany

Anyway, after that little spiritual adventure, I have some advice for the general public: Slow down. Though it is third term and all you want to do is get through exam week and start your summer, be sure to end things properly, one day at a time.

Don’t blur. Try flowing, instead.

 That’s all for today!

Many Hugs,

Chloe HD

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    Slow down! Great advice from Chloe H-D.

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