For the thrill, for the King, for GEORGE SCHOOL!

By Chloe ’16

It’s coming.

What is that green stuff that keeps popping up everywhere? It’s so new… so profound… I have heard stories of this entity, but never have I seen it with mine own eyes!

At least, that’s what it feels like.

For a while there it seemed as though we’d never see grass again, especially after that crazy one-snowstorm-per-week deal Mother Nature made right before exams. But look outside! Because we were under so much pressure from exams and all, a great lot of us failed to notice that there was actual, bonafide, for serious GRASS coming up through the snow. It’s amazazing!



Photo credit to Max ’16


Now, with the return of grass comes the eventual return of warm weather, and with that comes…




Already the post-study hall mob has begun to form nightly on Red Square, despite the chilly weather. The ritual has begun anew, and it is only a matter of time before the (would be) Olympic sport we know as George School four square will commence once more.

Come third term, there will be roars of laughter, shouts of triumph, and cries of defeat as Friend encounters Friend in an ongoing friendly competition for the position of King. To start out as a pawn and (by kicking, shouting, clawing, punting, screaming, debating) finally be crowned King is probably one of the most euphoric feelings on earth. That being said, the rest of the players’ job is to dethrone you, but no matter. It’s a cursed, endless cycle of triumph and disappointment, but we play anyway – for the thrill, for the King,


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One response to “For the thrill, for the King, for GEORGE SCHOOL!

  1. I love how you commemorated this GS tradition! I was so excited when I saw people playing Four Square for the first time in so long! I can’t believe how much I missed it!

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