Masaya Volcano and Goodbye Party

From Cheri Mellor, Language Department:

What a long day Saturday was! We hopped on the bus to go to the Masaya Volcano and by 10:30, we were already taking a quick tour of the museum. Then, we climbed slowly in the bus to the top of the crater. We were a little sad not to be allowed to walk to the cross where you get the best view of the volcano, but we could see from other vantage points a little ways down into the pit of the volcano. There was a good deal of sulfuric gas so we didn’t stay for long, just long enough for great pictures.

After this, we zipped over to the Masaya market where we had scoped out everything on the first weekend here. One hour of power shopping. Wow, lots of haggling, bargaining, and decision making. Back to Managua for lunch! By 3:00, the students returned to their families where they would spend the rest of the afternoon hanging out and getting ready for the 6:00 good-bye party. As we do every year, there were “care packages” purchased for each family full of essentials for their household. It is a simple token of appreciation for all the care and love given to our students since the first day.

The party got going late, but it was fantastic! Lots of dancing, music, super food, and memories. By the end, (9:00) there were still a few diehards dancing away even as the tables had been taken down!

Bags are packed, tears are about to flow, as it is now Sunday morning. We have breakfast in a minute, then off to the airport for our day of travel. It has truly been an honor to introduce these great students to Nicaragua. What a super group of students. Sole and I have lots of fun stories and only good things to report!!! We hope you have enjoyed the blog entries and the pictures.


Cheri and Sole

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  1. Tatiana

    Y’all travel safely! Cheri and Sole, thank you for your hard hard work! It is truly appreciated.

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