Final Days in Washington, DC

From Jack ’14:

With the home stretch behind us, we’re headed full speed to the end of our trip. The benefits of service aside, I’m definitely looking forward to getting home. Earlier today, Travis commented that it felt like the time had flown by (that we had left Drayton circle only yesterday). I can’t say I share this sentiment. This trip has been a very long alternative to spring break, and I remember living through every moment of it, whether interesting or dull.

These last few days in particular were routine to a fault. This included the awkward timing of the dinner shift making dinner uncomfortably late. The only break from the final week’s doldrums was our service work and our fellow volunteers. In retrospect, I guess this could be said about the entire trip, though the satisfaction of doing service and the novelty helped smooth out the first week or so. The fatigue has begun to set in, however, and I suppose a lesson can be learned about appreciating those who dedicate their lives to service by understanding the effort their work requires.

That isn’t to say the trip has been boring. To do so would be a disservice to the wonderful people we’ve met during our brief stay in D.C. and the help we’ve both given and received. Personally, the human factor is what made the trip. It is something in the nature of volunteers, a consequence of what it takes for someone to give themselves over to service: you’ll only meet the most interesting people.

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