Almost Time to Head Home

From Cheri Mellor, Language Department:

The students are so tired today, after a long, emotional parting with their students… We spent the morning in festivities celebrating both our departure as well as one last hurrah for the school’s 23rd anniversary (March 10). Each class danced, read poetry, or sang for us. We, in turn, had a few exquisite performances in their honor, not the least of which was a dance we learned from Roberto, the school’s dance teacher. It was a real crowd pleaser. Lauren dazzled the students with her quick hands and cup stacking, while the whole group performed “The Cup Song” at least as well as the one you can see on YouTube. All of this took place in the street, of course, since there is no auditorium or large space. Then, the students all returned to their classrooms, where they served sandwiches or salad, and drinks. Music, lots of notes and gifts, complete with hugs and kisses, tears and nervous smiles filled each room as I went around taking dozens of pictures.

We spent a long time relaxing after lunch since it was ultra hot today. We would have yet another good-bye celebration this afternoon with the older kids. This time, though, it was inside. We watched more folk dancing, performed Roberto’s dance again (although with a different version of the song, making it a guessing game as to when to change steps….) and were so happy that Hanna sang as she played guitar.

After dinner, the students went home to begin their packing over the next two days. Lots to do. Tomorrow we will go to Masaya Volcano and then off to the artisan market. A special dinner tomorrow night will top off the day. The students are doing SO WELL!! Both Sole and I keep telling each other how lucky we are that they get along so well and are able to adjust to changes in plans, highs and lows, heat and different food, new friends, new spaces and all the rest. While I personally know each student from class or tennis team, it is still a wonderful discovery for me to get to know them each so much better on this service trip. Such a good group. Parents, you must be proud of your children for doing an amazing job these past two weeks. One more day to go. Pictures and comments will be scarce tomorrow, since it will be a late night and we have to pack. I`ll try to post a little something about the volcano, however.

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  1. Tatiana

    these little ones are so cute! Can’t wait for you all to come home (to 30 degrees 😉 )! Love and light

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