Last Few Days in Nicaragua

From Cheri Mellor, Language Department:

This is Cheri writing, mostly because the kids are exhausted!

This morning we participated in one last round of “competencias” in front of the school, in the street. Today’s highlights were sitting on balloons and walking with jojotes balanced on spoons in the kids’ mouths. I was proud of our GS kids as they beat the 10 year olds…!

After the competitions, it was class as usual, for the last time. Tomorrow, we spend most of the day watching and participating in performances for everyone. Then the big good-byes to the students. So, lots of winding down happening as kids are frantically writing last notes to our group, giving little gifts, and dreading the finality of our trip.

After lunch, we hopped on our bus and returned to Los Quinchos, the farm for abandoned boys where we went last Saturday. Today, we had two major tasks. While five of us fetched firewood for tomorrow’s chicken dinner at Los Quinchos (bye, bye, cute chickens we saw today…), the rest of us helped dig 30 holes for citrus trees. Then we planted them, which didn’t take long at all. We left there very dirty and feeling satisfied about our quick and efficient afternoon. In two hours, we had done quite a bit.

We didn’t get back until 6:30 and this time, instead of eating dinner at Rafaela’s, the upper grades held a dance party for us at the school. Quick dinner of corn tortilla, a little meat, and gallo pinto with a bit of cabbage, tomatoes, and onions. Yum. It took a long time for the dancing to get started, but once it did, lots of kids joined in. Sole and I agreed that we felt old watching them….!

As if this weren’t enough action, we then walked to Hanna’s host house where her family gave her an early birthday party! A cute cake (see photo) discovered right away by the hand of Hanna’s 3 year old brother, Santiago and red or orange Fanta to complete the evening. It was a sweet gesture, with music and colored lights. We were of course tired after a long day at school and at the ranch…!

Tomorrow should be interesting since we are starring in six (6!!) performances. One of them is the cup song and I had better not mess up.

Hope you like all the pictures. :-))))

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One response to “Last Few Days in Nicaragua

  1. Tatiana

    Love the pictures and the stories! Almost like being there with you all

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