Ayushi and Kirsten Share Stories

From Kirsten ’15:

This morning I awoke to hot bread and orange juice waiting for me. After eating with my host mother, she walked me to Rafaela’s where I ate even more before heading off to the school. When I got there three kids had already arrived and began chanting “Kirsten”! My teacher wasn’t feeling well today so we played with clay mostly. Fifteen 3-year-olds with clay pretending each piece is a different animal and making various sounds was the highlight of my morning. Dance lessons came later, which is always a silly time. All of us putting our all into shaking what our mama’s gave us and not have very much success, but having a blast. I’m going to miss it here so much.

From Ayushi ’15:

In the afternoon the whole group travelled to another farm called Cafetal. There we were split into two groups where we learned about how coffee is made and the types of plants they have. My group worked with a man who first showed us how to recycle trash and make it useful for everyday use. We made a flower pot out of old plastic bottles and it was so cool to see how innovative we could be. After that we took a tour around the farm. We encountered an adorable little sheep while we were looking through coffee plants. We tried petting it but the sheep only liked Hansel. The forest was beautiful and the light made all the plants and flowers shine. There were even avocado plants we tried picking from, but they were too big to fit in our bag. We are going back tomorrow, so it will be easier for us to make our way around now that we are a little more familiar with the place. The bus ride home was long but relaxing. I hope tomorrow we can use what we learned today and it will be fun and helpful.

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One response to “Ayushi and Kirsten Share Stories

  1. Tatiana

    Very interesting. You will have to tell exactly how big those avocados were so they couldn’t fit in a bag!

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