Helping with Exam Prep in Nicaragua

From Maia ’15:

This morning was a typical morning. The third graders started reviewing for their exams today as did all of the other grades. I think tomorrow is when they officially start taking exams. My class today was especially crazy so I was pretty relieved when we got to go back to Rafaela’s for lunch.

After a satisfying lunch we relaxed for about two hours. Our group just talked and it was really nice; we seem to get closer and closer every day. At 2:00 we went back to La Nicaraguita to sit in on some classes with the older kids. Right now, Lauren, Hanna and I are in the 8th grade class. We helped them a little with their English class, but now they are taking a math test.

At 4:00 we played field games with the older grades. There were piggy back races, running races and basketball dribbling races. There were also volleyball games and Los Gringos won! It was so nice to have fun with our Nicaraguan friends, but they were so competitive!!

When we got back from our crazy games, we were welcomed by Rafaela’s little pet cat giving birth to three tiny kittens! We literally sat there watching for a half an hour. I have to admit, it was a little gross, but it was the first time I’ve ever seen an animal give birth so I found it fascinating. I can’t wait to see the little gatitos mañana.​

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One response to “Helping with Exam Prep in Nicaragua

  1. Tatiana

    Lovely. Maia, you write well. Nice pictures too. That little girl is such a cutie!

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