Working at Filia School

From Erin Sio, Science Department:

We spent today at the Filia School–which serves children with intellectual disabilities and children with intellectual and physical disabilities. Many of the teachers there used to work with able- bodied/minded children but choose to work with these kids instead. They find it infinitely more gratifying. Our kids were treated to an assembly with lots of singing. Despite being a publicly funded school, many hymns were sung and thanks given to God for all good things. Halee was given a special birthday celebration as today is her 18th! When the children were asked how many years she should celebrate the kids decided on 32! A teacher explained that most children have no concept of age, so any number will do. Halee was given three resounding hip-hip-hoorays.

In work groups we continued to improve the garden while other kids continued to organize the library. After a break with the children our kids read stories aloud in the classroom. This was very popular with the learners. Then our kids did a range of jobs from collecting trash around the property, to continuing with book sorting and painting the library space. It was a wonderful day and the kids did good work–but I can tell they are starting to wind down.

Tomorrow we will spend the day at a Catholic Charities orphanage helping to paint, garden, and play with kids. This is a new venue, so I don’t know what to expect. We will give them the last of our clothing donations as they are in great need–from small children to young adults.

Photos courtesy of Amedeo Salamoni, Arts Department.

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