Last Day at DC Central Kitchen Nutrition Lab

Today was our last day at the DC Central Kitchen’s Nutrition lab.  We prepared meals for area public schools and local group homes.  Although we did not have a direct connection with those we were serving, our experience at the William Penn house made us realize that a direct connection with the ones we serve is not always necessary to make a difference.  We made a difference by assisting the staff with an overwhelming amount of meal preparation, labeling, and cleaning.

At the end of our service, the chef and other DC Central kitchen cooks treated us to lunch. The lunch was nothing less than spectacular! We had a choice of meatloaf, baked-chicken, potatoes, corn and beans, salad, tortilla chips, and homemade punch. While we were busy preparing meals for others, they prepared a thank you meal for us. Moreover, they gave us food for thought by telling us that we should always take our education seriously and be true to ourselves.

So far, we have completed one full week of service and we are moving on to new locations in the coming week.  As we reflect on those we have worked with and those we have served, we are extremely thankful for this experience.

-Washington D.C. service group

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