Exploring Paris

From Nancy Kryven, Language Department:

The American song might be: “I Left My Heart in San Francisco”, but for us here in France it’s more like we all left a little bit of ourselves in Paris.  One of the big news items here is the pollution in Paris and we indeed were witness to that.  Despite the haze even at night, we were all fascinated by the lights, sights, and sounds of Paris.  Our amazing group of students just loved exploring this fabulous city. The Bateau Mouche, La Tour Eiffel, and  our play in the Quartier Latin were our evening adventures, with lots of museum and “quartier” exploring during the day.   This group of cherubs were so wonderful and cooperative that they earned lots of time for shopping.  My only hope is that they spent some euros for gifts for their own families.  Jyles discovered French pastries and always had a bag of something tasty in her room.

Our four gorgeous young men on the trip just had to eat dinner at Mc Do our first evening in Paris.   Olivia wasn’t feeling well most of this evening, but she felt better the next afternoon.  The next day Jacob F.  was also feeling a bit “iffy” because of something he had eaten, but after a great bowl of French vegetable soup, he felt great.  Jill ate snails and many of the girls ate the famous French onion soup!

We have been blessed with great weather this entire time.  It’s the first time I ever remember being in Paris when it wasn’t raining! It’s now Monday and the forecast continues to be for warm weather.


Until the next time….

A bientot,   Nancy

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