La Laguna Apoyo in Masaya

From Cheri Mellor, Language Department:

After a very Nicaraguan breakfast (“nacatamales”) made from corn meal, chicken, tomatoes, rice, and special sauce, we began Sunday, our day of rest. (The nacatamales were lovingly made by Kirsten’s host family, who also run a small convenience store. They spoil her daily with nacatamales, juice, and whatever she wants!)

From Hanna ’15:

This morning the group and the Nicas went to La Laguna Apoyo in Masaya. This is the same place where we went last weekend called “La Catarina” where we looked out over the volcanic lagoon. We spent the entire day swimming and playing with the volcanic sand and rocks. While we were swimming, a live band began playing beautiful music. In the warm yet refreshing water, I felt so alive, and I couldn’t help dancing around. In my blue one piece with my curly reddish hair, all of my friends began calling me “Ariel”, the mermaid from the Little Mermaid.

From Timo ’15:

As the morning sun continued to rise and the temperature increased, we took a much-needed break from swimming and enjoyed a lovely roasted-chicken and salad lunch, which ​was prepared by the laguna restaurant. Once we ate we waited for our food to digest, we jumped right back into the refreshing water. My nose and my shoulders were already red from the scorching hot sun. We challenged the Nicas to a few games of chicken, which is where one person goes down into the water to allow their partner to get on their shoulers, and then duel against another pair trying to knock each other off into the water. Because I’m the only guy in the group I had to have the girls on my shoulders every time, but much of the time we came out victorious, repping the good ol’ Los Estados Unidos. Once we were done with our day at the lagoon, we all piled into the bus and almost every single one of us enjoyed a long nap on the ride home.

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  1. Tatiana

    The breakfast sounds great! I want some. Enjoy yourselves. It’s snowing and sleeting over here, again!

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