Simon’s Town, Boulders Beach, and Cape Point

From Amedeo Salamoni, Arts Department:

Saturday we had a day off from service. We traveled to Simon’s Town, Boulders Beach, and Cape Point. On our way to Simon’s Town we saw a great treat, a southern right whale playing in the water! At Simon’s Town we shopped at the street vendors, it was fun to see the kids haggle with the vendors on price. Simon’s Town is a Naval Base.

Then we were off to Boulders Beach to see the African Penguins. After a while there we traveled to Cape Point and the Cape of Good Hope…the furthest point South West in South Africa. There we had an encounter with a baboon that walked in the middle of us and stole 4 of our lunch sandwiches! After that excitement we hiked to the lighthouse to see some breathtaking views. Then off to a hike at the Cape of Good Hope to the top of a bluff to see even more breathtaking views! Photos can’t do this experience justice. Then off on another hike this time down a series of walkways and stairs to a secluded beach,where we dipped our feet in some of the coldest waters. The drive out of the park was great, we saw many ostriches as the sun set over the water. We ended the night with a dinner in Cape Town at a traditional South African restaurant where kids sampled items such as ostrich, kudu an african antelope , and alligator tale.

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