Maia and Hanna Share Stories from Nicaragua

From Maia: 

This morning we woke up and got to Rafael’s house around 7:00 for breakfast. We left around 8:30 to go work on a little farm that takes in boys who had been in troubled homes. The bus ride was two hours!  Once we got there, it was so nice to help out. We watered peanut plants, cleaned yards and painted. There were many animals but the ones that impressed me the most were the pigs. They were absolutely enormous, and they smelled so bad! Unfortunately, we weren’t able to stay long because the bus ride home was long. On Monday, we are going to return to the farm to plant 50 trees, mostly fruit trees. The boys were very loving when we arrived and when we left. Some of them hugged us and wouldn’t let go.

From Hanna:
We arrived at Rafaela’s for a quick lunch of chicken, rice and vegetables. After we finished, our bus came to take us and our Nicaraguan friends to a new park in the center of the city. The park was beautiful and reminiscent of sort of an amusement park . We played a few friendly games of volleyball, girls ​vs. boys, and obviously the girls were victorious. Then we all shared ice cream and headed back to Rafaela’s. At dinner we sat around, laughed and played games. Every day, our group gets closer, learning more about each other. Que rico!

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One response to “Maia and Hanna Share Stories from Nicaragua

  1. Tatiana

    Love the pictures! Good write up too. Thank you for staying in touch.

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