Lauren Shares News from Nicaragua!

From Lauren ’15

This morning when I walked into my classroom, I was greeted by my teacher who had made me two beautiful bracelets the night before. I find it very exciting and interesting how the people here love making and giving you gifts despite their lack of money or basic items for their homes. Tania told me she would teach me how to make the bracelets if I would teach her how to make snowflakes out of construction paper. She said that even though it doesn’t snow here, she can still put them in her classroom to represent geometric shapes. Tania, is so cool. She’s really funny and isn’t mean when I don’t know a Spanish word.

Today, Hector–the troublemaker of the class–started running around and tearing all the girls papers. I found it difficult to make him stop for two reaso​ns; 1) He literally doesn’t listen to a word anyone says and 2) the language barrier. Eventually I got him to sit down. Thank God!

In Roberto’s dance class we learned how to dance the Palo de Mayo! It’s this very sexual dance where everyone dances around a maypole with ribbons. The best way to understand is to just look up Youtube videos. I highly recommend. Watching Tim try to dance was hilarious as always. In the afternoon, we went to an orphanage to help clean up a back yard so they can build a house sort of structure later. We spent lots of time moving rocks and trash to clear the area for the building. It was so hot in the afternoon, but we all made sure we were drinking lots of water. The bus ride b​ack was long and sweaty but our Nica friends were silly and made the trip enjoyable. I really enjoy hanging out with them because they are so funny and its always a great time. It barely even feels like we’ve been here for a whole week already.

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2 responses to “Lauren Shares News from Nicaragua!

  1. Tatiana

    Once again, I enjoy reading this so much! Thank you guys! Sounds like you’re working hard and being appreciated. Go George School! Now on a more serious note: I expect Tim to come back a hot Latin dancer, you hear, girls? Take care

    • cheri mellor

      Watch out Tatiana. He is already The Hot Latin Dancer of the group. And, for one of the dances, he is MY partner!!

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