Gardening, Painting, and Cooking in South Africa

From Erin Sio, Science Department:

As I mentioned in the previous post, we spent yesterday in Blikkiesdorp with Project Hope.  This organization provides outreach to the expanding community of people with HIV/AIDS.  They have a clinic both in Cape Town (20-30 min away) and in Delft (5 min away).  In Blikkiesdorp they have a community center that provides an organic vegetable garden and daily meals to those in need. Our kids split into groups to prepare the days meals with Dot, a local resident.  By 11:00 a.m. dozens had come for food.  Another group did beading activities–making small AIDS awareness pins from red beads to sell as a means of income for the project.  The last group spent the day cleaning up endless quantities of trash and litter along the perimeter of the community area and raked, dug and moved sand, carried compost, and weeded the community beds.  They went to bed tired.
Today kids were in two groups at schools.  South Africans have found a wide range of uses for old shipping containers–not hard to find in a global port of Cape Town’s size.  At Balvenie Primary School they have two containers in their Quad.  One is used to prepare a government sponsored meal of sump and protein substitute in something resembling beef gravy.  The other is storage.  Seven kids painted both today in record time–and one required a primer–so it’s like they painted three containers.  I am sure it seemed like boring monotonous work, but it means a lot to people who are too busy and who don’t have the government support for projects like this.  The principle of the school was so grateful for what the kids did.
Tomorrow we go down south to Simontown–then on to Boulders Beach to see the local African penguin colony, and finally to Cape Point national reserve.  They deserve a day like this after the hard work they’ve done for the past two. No doubt you’d be proud.
The kids are taking incredible pictures, too. They’ll show you when they get home.

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