A Typical Day in Nicaragua

This is Francesca writing.

Today we woke up early and our family walked us to Rafaela’s for a yummy breakfast. A six-year-​old class came to pick us up and walk us to school. They were so adorable and sweet and eager to talk to us about their favorite colors and academic subjects. When we got to school we immediately went to our classrooms to work. I assist in a class of eighteen kids ages 11 to 12. They are so smart and generous. Every day one of the boys named Matthew shares his stickers with me. Since the kids I work with are an older group my main job is to make sure the students pay attention. The kids have a lot of energy and they’re so cute, but sometimes they don`t listen to the teacher and it makes the class difficult. Other jobs I do are taking attendance, which helps me get to know the students better, and checking the student’s work.

During every recess the kids love to play a game called “conejito de la suerte” where we all stand in a circle and the kids chant a song and we hit each others hands one at a time and whoever gets hit when the song ends gets to choose someone to hug. Timofei and I always have competitions to see who can get the most hugs (I always win). Sole, Demi, and our Nicaraguan friends Julio and Hanzel played a joke on me and told me I had to get an injection too and I freaked out because I don’t like needles, but thankfully I didn’t have to.

After school we went to a dance class and practiced some of our routines. It felt hotter than usual today and we were all pretty tired but we had to practice because we’re presenting our dance the 21st. Timofei is the funniest dancer and we all got a good laugh at watching him try to dance. Almost every day when we get back to Rafaela’s we eat and then play cards. This is one of my favorite things to do with the group because it’s a great way for us to bond, plus we don’t have to do much physical activity.

After lunch we went to work at the school where we worked yesterday. Today we worked with children at the school, as well as with some of our Nicaraguita friends. The school is located in the poorest section of Managua, near where the old city dump used to be. Demi and I drew pictures for a mural while others worked in the garden (Demi and I were lucky). It was so fun to get to know new kids from a different school, and we could all tell how happy it made them to have us there. On the bus ride home we bonded with our Nicaraguita friends more. I love talking with them because it’s so interesting to see how similar they are to people back home despite the totally different culture. When we got home (to Rafaela’s), we ate a delicious meal: hamburgers (how American), before returning to our families to bond and rest up for tomorrow!


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2 responses to “A Typical Day in Nicaragua

  1. Tatiana

    thank you for writing! Love to hear from you, guys!

  2. June Millington

    Great to hear from you! Keep up the good work!

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