Working at La Nicaraguita

This is Kirsten writing!

I am teaching a group of 15 three-year-olds in La Nicaraguita and they’ve already become attached. Mi hombrecito Diego refuses to sit anywhere but on my lap with his little sun-kissed hand in mine. I spent my morning as a human jungle gym as all my little amigos played with my hair and fought for my attention.

After lunch we took off with our Nicaraguans to go to another school. We got a tour of a public school in the poorest place around here. It really hit me how hard it is for some people. Kids were in the streets, dirty and half​clothed, throwing rocks at malnourished, stray dogs. Abandoned homes, houses with no roofs, and dirt roads became our reality for a few hours, making us realize that this is many people’s reality for their entire lives. Most will probably never know any other way of living. This trip is really putting things in perspective.

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  1. Tatiana

    Sounds good, Kirsten. It’s very important to see life from a different perspective, especially for Americans.

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