March 10 in Nicaragua

From Ayushi ’15:

Today I woke up early and couldn’t fall back asleep because I was so excited. My host cousins slept over last night and I woke up to them smiling. We walked to school and I met my teacher and then the celebration began soon after. It is the 23rd birthday of the school today. Kids dressed in yellow, red, and white dresses  lined up preparing to perform. The students stared at us in awe. They recited poems, sang songs, and danced for the birthday celebration. We had special front row seats and felt like celebrities. After the celebration, I got started in my classroom and was introduced to the adorable six year olds. I played outside with them with the heat beating down, but the kids didn’t lose their energy. They taught me how to dance and we played hide and seek. All of the kids in the class were so interested in us and it was so nice to feel so special. The hardest part was learning their names; the kids didn’t know how to spell anything so I had to guess at the spelling. At the end of the school day (11:00 for primary school) all the little girls danced and brought me over to join them. They were so sweet and I can’t wait to spend more time with them! We had a dance class right after school and we all participated. We learned merengue and one of the folk dances performed by the kids this morning. Sweating and shaking our hips, we all had a good time (even Timofei!). It was definitely a unique experience and I can’t wait for more days to come!

The afternoon was different from what we will usually be doing. The older kids from la Nicaraguita recited poetry and danced like the younger ones did. Their costumes were beautiful. After the celebration, we played a long game of volleyball with our Nicaraguan friends in the street of course. I hope tomorrow is as good as today was!

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