Second Day in Nicaragua

From Timofei ’15, Hanna ’15, Lauren ’15, and Kirsten ’15:

Our second full day in Nicaragua felt more like a vacation than a service trip, but our service will be starting soon. We drove to Granada, a popular city where more and more Americans are buying houses. Our main activity today was a boat ride across the giant Lake Nicaragua, the largest  lake in Central America. It transported our group and about 30 Nicas to one of the small islands where we where able to relax and swim. Because the boat ride was about 45 minutes long, a Nicaraguan clown danced and played with us. He was absolutely crazy, but we all had a blast. Demi, Lauren, and Hanna got called up for a dance competition. Demi won by a land slide. We all made fools of ourselves, but it was so much fun. When we got to the island we ate rice and went swimming. The water was so refreshing after the boat ride and after sitting in the sun. Must of us were scared to touch the bottom, but not Timofei. We skipped rocks and took a ton of pictures, and at one point Timofei reached down and pulled up what everyone thought was an alligator tail, but turned out to be a branch. After that, we went up to the top of the renovated fort whose roof was above the trees of the island and indulged in the view and sun. It was a really fun day, full of relaxation, sun (goodbye snow) and having a great time.


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2 responses to “Second Day in Nicaragua

  1. Tatiana

    Lovely! How about that alligator tail? 😉

  2. Cara

    Love the clown,what fun!!!! Great pics, keep them coming and keep on having a blast. OX

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