First Day of Service in Africa

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From Amedeo Salamoni, ceramics and sculpture teacher

We just finished our first day of service here in South Africa. In the morning Erin and I split into two groups and went to Eldine and Balvenie Primary Schools to start some projects. After lunch we went to the Filia Special Needs School, where we were welcomed by a group of learners (students) playing music for us! What a great welcome. Students will be working in classrooms with learners and also doing some projects organizing their library.

Then we were off to Project Hope…to get an orientation and tour of their hospital where they treat HIV positive mothers and their babies. Then off again to the settlement of Blikkiesdorp, a government created settlement of “temporary” housing. We met a man who has been waiting 29 years for his permanent home.
WOW thats enough for today! Erin and I are very proud of how well everyone is doing, and how kind and caring they are.

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