Safely in Nicaragua!

From Cheri Mellor, language teacher:

Wow, here we are finally. Yesterday was a very long day, but we all survived quite well! After 15 hours of travel (we left campus at 4:30 am and exited the Managua airport at 8:30 pm), we drove to the school where we had a quick and delicious meal. That fried chicken, rice and salad was yummy! One by one, the host families came by the school to collect the newest member of their family. Kirsten started the process and Hanna was the last! Such excitement, such anticipation as we watched student leave one by one.

This morning, when we met for breakfast at 8:00, they all had fun stories to share about their new families. Everyone is doing well, t​aking in all the very new experiences and using their Spanish!! We ate a breakfast of eggs and ham, fried plantains, bread and jam, coffee, fresh pineapple juice and rice. The students were ready for their first outing.

We stopped by the bank to get Nicaraguan cash (Cordobas) and then we were off to the park Salvador Allende where we had a beautful stroll, saw a small market, walked along the banks of the Xolotlan Lake (also called Lake Managua). The breeze was a welcome addition, seeing that at 9:30 it was already in the 90`s. (But, that´s okay, since all the students were covered with sunscreen…)

We had a photo shoot with the kids on larger-than-life model horses, oxes and even a lion!! Today is also International Women`s Day, and some of the Nicaraguan hosts bought hand-made roses of banana tree palm leaves. Adorable….

This afternoon, we went to Masaya market and looked around for future reference! All sorts of artesan objects, even overwhelming at times! The Nicas split up with each group of two GS students as we walked around looking for bargains. Some of our kids actually haggled !

We then visited La Catarina, a volcanic lagoon near Masaya. This is one of my favorite spots. The air was somewhat cooler and must have been around 85. On our way back, our bus had some difficulties so we stopped a few times as the driver fixed the problem. Tim really got into playing with a group of little boys who clung to him like glue.

From now on, the students will write a short blog about all we’re doing!!


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3 responses to “Safely in Nicaragua!

  1. Cara

    So happy for all of you!
    Have fun and soak up some sun for me!! OXOX

  2. Tatiana

    How wonderful! Enjoy the warmth! Can’t wait for pictures!

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