Follow a Student: Sara ’14

Sara is a senior and a day student. She practically lives at the barn and loves taking photos.

Personally, I love Tuesdays. I start the day in World Literature with one of my favorite teachers. I learn more from Kim McGlynn in a week than I have from some other teachers in an entire year. I have so much respect for her as both a teacher and a person. Today we discussed the motif of singing/ rhymes in 1984 by George Orwell.

sara 1

8:00 a.m. classes are always hard, but I had some Navajo tea that I brought home from my service trip to make the morning a little better.

Next I have a lab period of my Alternative Photo class. I love that George School’s photo program is not the stereotypical program. We have learned to shoot meaningful, truthful images instead of bowls of fruit and smiling friends. I feel completely prepared to continue photography in college.

sara 2

Danielle demonstrated, in the dark room, how to print the pictures we took over break with a Holga camera. Then, I worked with her to plan out my AP project. Danielle is the sweetest, most caring teacher I have ever had. She cares about her students as if we are her own kids and wants the best for us. She, just like Kim, pushes us because she knows that we are capable of so much.

After a quick consultation with my history teacher about a project I went to Physics. Today we did a lab on momentum and measured the velocities from different types of collisions.

sara 3

Almost every Tuesday we do a lab, my favorite part of any science class.

sara 4

I learn best by doing so this really helps me understand the concepts we discuss in class.

Then I walked down meeting house hill to the library for my Simplicity class. Despite the power going off, we were still able to have a good discussion about time and how it controls our lives.

sara 5

We ended the class with meditation, guided by our teacher Carolyn (pictured).

On Tuesdays my classes end at 12:50. I have my free period after lunch, which I either use to get some of my work done before practice or to go down to the barn early to get in extra time with the horses and our coach Tiffany (pictured).

sara 6

I love spending time at the barn. I have been riding at the GS barn since I was little so it is a home away from home for me.

The trainers and my teammates have become like one big family. This horse, Bob (owned by Courtney Smith), is one I have been riding and caring for over the past year. This winter has been hard for us with all the snow. We have barely been able to ride since the rings are full of snow and ice, but I take every opportunity I can find to spend quality time with Bob even if it’s just some bareback snuggling. Developing relationships with the horses and people at the George School Equestrian Center is an experience truly unique to George School and is one that has shaped who I am. I will be forever grateful for the experience that the equestrian program has given me.

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