“Young People From Denver”

 Maggie Gage is a senior day student from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is the copy editor for the student newspaper the Curious George

George School Class of 2011 students Sam Popkin, (brother of Emma Popkin ’14) Jacob Folk (son of Valerie Folk who teaches math at GS) Dana Falsetti (daughter of Joyce Falsetti, who works in the admission office) and Beau Gordon (brother of Carson Gordon ’14) are in a band.

Photo courtesy of Colorado Youth

Photo courtesy of Colorado Youth.
From left to right Jacob Folk, Dana Falsetti, Sam Popkin, and Beau Gordon

When I started listening to them, they were called the Zealots. I don’t know necessarily if I enjoyed their earlier work more, but I know I definitely enjoyed it.

Twice actually.

Once electronically and then again to have a physical copy which I had signed. Hopefully they’ll get famous enough that I can sell it online as a relic of their high school days and live for the rest of my life on the profits.

The band, now called Colorado Youth, has been making waves in the local indie music scene recently, appearing at numerous shows in the area. Their first album under this name was released early in September, and the band is excited to continue making more.

Colorado Youth appeared in many variants throughout their George School careers, with the most famous lineup consisting of Beau, Jacob, and Sam, along with fellow Class of 2011 member Lucas Hamren. Dana appeared as a collaborator frequently. Their first album, Only Instinct was released in September, and is composed of songs the band members have written over the years as well as new material written specifically for the album.

The album is a bit of a departure from the era of the Zealots, when perhaps most of the GS community last heard them. With Lucas’ absence, the music has mellowed out. This new project seems to be more representative of the folk and indie roots the current members come from, and less about the rock they once employed.

Now, for my birthday last year, my uncle decided it would be interesting to give me, as a present, an hour of airtime on the radio station he hosts a show on. I immediately had the idea to have Colorado Youth on to play some of their awesome music, and talk about themselves. I had never been in charge of a show like this before, and it was great fun. The band seemed to love it too, talking about everything from their band history and where their name comes from (they all had an apartment on Colorado Street, in a mostly elderly neighborhood, hence the the term ‘youth’) to their future plans. Spoiler alert: they’re working on a new album.

So, while they’re all away at college, and not touring the area, you’ll have to tide yourselves over with their currently recorded music (I recommend visiting their bandcamp, coloradoyouth.bandcamp.com as it has the most extensive collection of their works under this name) and their promise of an impending summer tour in 2014.

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