Filling Your Empty Canvases (Making a Dorm Room Feel Like a Home, Not a Box)

by Chloe ’16

Chloe is a second year boarding student from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is a member of the orchestra, a talented artist, and a “geometry and biology wiz this year.” Chloe wrote two of the limericks used in the recent post “For the Birds: Part Four.”

A dorm room is not designed to be a super hangout space. It is meant to house one to two people from 9:30pm to 7:55am, seven days a week. In an empty dorm room, you will not find curtains with butterflies on them or photos of smiling cartoon animals. The beds are gray, the walls are white, and the windows are made so that if one were to try something stupid (teenagers do stupid things, don’t deny it) no one would be hurt. They aren’t meant to be pretty. The chairs in a dorm room are made to keep you awake while you study, and the storage space is… well, let’s just say it is minimal.

But No! Don’t for a second think that these are complaints! A dorm room is not bare to make you feel as though you are a prisoner. The way I see it, a dorm room is so boring to start so that students will have a chance to make it their own. The white walls are yours to do with what you please, and, believe it or not, the beds can be moved. Your room is no prison, it’s a fun-sized palace!

Tips for an awesome room:

  • Color coordination is key. Although it may be hard freshman year (my old roommate had pink everything that, when coupled with my green everything, made our room look a bit like an excited watermelon), discuss what you want the general theme of your room to be with your future roommate before the next year starts.

    Chloe 2

    My room now is the picture of cohesion: a theme of greens and blues that spreads from our rugs to our bed sheets.

  • Decorate. Those aren’t white walls, those are empty canvases! Although you are not allowed to paint the walls, for that would be breaking the rules, you have complete and total freedom to do what you may with your walls so long as it doesn’t offend anyone or break anything (including regulations). You can’t use nails, no. But give a kid four packs of command strips and some duct tape (both available in the student store), and she will find a way to hang her chandelier.

    Chloe 5

    Those aren’t white walls, those are empty canvases!

  • Throw furniture around (not literally). What I mean is change the room from a lesson in parallelity to an abstract work of art. Arranging your beds is the funnest way to make your room something you want to come home to. Try designs like the “L,” the “sisterly love,” the “one-sider,” or the popular “mirror image.”

Don’t be afraid to go the distance to make your room yours, and defy the laws of dormatism. They say that a dorm room is not a hangout space? To that I say only this: We. Will. Make. It. One.


Chloe and her roommate pose in their dorm room.

Mind the Light and Follow the Blog,

Chloe HD


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6 responses to “Filling Your Empty Canvases (Making a Dorm Room Feel Like a Home, Not a Box)

  1. Chloe

    I didn’t know this was up already! Wowza 😛

  2. Sarah Waitz

    Great Blog Chloe!

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