For the Birds Part Four.

Early in November two pink plastic flamingos appeared outside the library. There was no explanation for their arrival–and they began moving about campus a few days later. Without explanation, they disappeared sometime during Study Weekend. Read on to see how our community responded.

To follow the story from its inception visit the first post: For the Birds.

If you stole ’em…put ’em back, Jack!

The Wild Flamingos of Coole
by Terry Culleton, English department
Perhaps they drift upon the water,
Mysterious, beautiful.
Among what rushes might they build,
By what lake’s edge or pool
Delight men’s eyes
As I awake today
To find they’ve flown away.

A Travesty
by Chloe Hannah-Drullard ’16
Oh Lord, this is a travesty!
A huge, full-on calamity
It seems overnight,
These pink delights,
Have gone, succumb to gravity!

but then…


The Flamingos Are Back!
by Terry
Outside ole Retford they stand,
All plastic and pinkish and grand.
Says one, “Here again?”
Says the other, “Amen!
It’s great to be back in George Land!”

All a Bad Jest
by Chloe
I guess it was all a bad jest!
The flamingos are back; it’s the best!
I might have to dance,
‘Cause this means I’ve a chance
At passing my English test!

Crossing Boundaries
by Ralph Lelii
A lone Flamingo, sad and repressed,
found the courage at last to confess.
“I can’t quite explain,
but I’m crazy ’bout Cranes,
which makes my pink parents depressed.”


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3 responses to “For the Birds Part Four.

  1. Danny Kerr

    As a former GS faculty member,
    Who thinks of my colleagues in September,
    Their musings of birds,
    Is a reminder that words,
    Are a gift that they often render!

  2. bob freedman '54

    As an old alum of the school,
    I don’t “leave a reply”, as a rule,
    To everyone’s blogs
    About flamingos or frogs,
    But I have to admit this is cool!

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