For the Birds Part Two.

Early in November two pink plastic flamingos appeared outside the library. There was no explanation for their arrival–and they began moving about campus a few days later. Read on to see how our community responded.

To follow the story from its inception visit the first post: For the Birds.

Flamingos 1

Flamingo Fun Fact
by Terry Culleton, English department
Flamingos must migrate at night,
Having stood there stock-still by daylight.
Now they’ve found a peacock
Up the hill, and a plaque
To ponder till next they take flight.

Flamingo Psychology
by Ralph Lelii, English department
Flamingos are seldom neurotic,
rarely if ever psychotic.
They will get profane
when mistaken for Cranes
an error they find idiotic.

Homesick Flamingo
by Nancy Culleton, director of college guidance
A flamingo who called himself Sammy
Flew in yesterday from Miami
With a bad GPS:
He squawked, “What’s this GS?
I thought I was in Alabammy!”

Identity Crisis?
by Terry
There was a flamingo from York
Who thought that he might be a stork.
“But storks aren’t pink,
Nor of plastic, I’d think.”
Said flamingo, “Shut up, you old dork!”

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