For the Birds Part Three.

Early in November two pink plastic flamingos appeared outside the library. There was no explanation for their arrival–and they began moving about campus a few days later. Read on to see how our community responded.

To follow the story from its inception visit the first post: For the Birds.

flamingos 3

Ode to Flamingos
by Zaid Walter ’14
Flamingos are delicate creatures
With quirky and colorful features.
They’re a joy to espy
And I bet this is why
They are constantly praised by our teachers.

Flamingo Madness
by Faith Boucher ’17
I know I should be studying
but I’m distracted by the flamingo’s fluttering.
All this commotion,
about birds with so little motion,
from my window I can see them strutting.

In Defense Of Our Friends The Flamingos
by Terry Culleton, English department
In moments of sad circumspection
When life seems devoid of direction,
Flamingos appear
So pink and so dear
To astound us with soundless affection.

by Ralph Lelii, English department
Flamingos have a certain mystique
by virtue of their leggy physiques.
To balance with mirth
their girth since birth
on twin stalks speaks of cunning technique.

Flamingo Things
by Ralph
Though flamingos are hardly loquacious,
they manage to be coyly flirtatious.
They’ll knowingly sneak
a half shuttered peak
atop legs both pink and audacious.

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