For the birds.

Early in November two pink plastic flamingos appeared outside the library. There was no explanation for their arrival–and they began moving about campus a few days later. Read on to see how our community responded.

Flamingo Arrival
by Laura Lavallee, director of public relations
The two pink flamingos you see,
Prompted several adults to agree.
That limericks should be written
Causing folks to feel smitten
With the birds of pink feathers, yippee!


Pink Flamingos Limerick
by Terry Culleton, English department
Flamingos are birds of a feather.
They frequently hang out together.
They eat little fish,
Which they find quite delish,
And they’re plastic — they don’t mind the weather!

by Ralph Lelii, English department
Flamingos are oddly sympathetic,
kinetic yet not quite frenetic.
Hardly high couture,
yet that pink plastic allure
is a funky and kitschy aesthetic.

Flamingo Migration
by Nancy Culleton, director of college guidance
They don’t congregate with the tree flocks:
Flamingoes like preening near peacocks!
On days like today
When it’s chilly and grey
You might even see them in knee socks.


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