My ToK Class

By Chesa Sacchi ’14

Editor’s Note: This post was written during the 2012-2013 academic year.

George School offers a class called Theory of Knowledge (ToK). As a ToK student, I am constantly learning new things, and new ways of approaching things I already know. My class, taught by our IB coordinator Ralph Lelii, is a complex and personal inquiry into different ways of knowing and different areas of knowledge. The class is composed almost entirely of questions, which prompts me to turn inward and reflect on new knowledge or on my own preconceived notions. Ralph tells us that we are the textbooks, and I experience this through our rich class discussions every day.

Although it is a class required for IB Diploma candidates, students at George School who aren’t pursuing the IB Diploma have the opportunity to take it as well. Students can take the yearlong course for an IB certificate, or can choose to take it as a term-long religion elective. The ToK course is core to the educational philosophy of the IB Diploma, allowing students and teachers alike the opportunity to critically reflect on ways of knowing (otherwise known as the WoK), areas of knowing (AoK), and real-life knowledge questions that apply to our own lives.

ToK gives me a new way of looking at life. From the TED talks we see in class, to the beautiful videos Ralph shows us, to the elaborate and thoughtful class discussions, every day I learn something new or interesting from Ralph, my classmates, and, most importantly, myself.

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