A Day in the Life of a GS Student

By Chesa Sacchi ’14

Editor’s Note: This post was written during the 2012-2013 academic year.

At George School, classes start at 8:00 in the morning except on Thursdays when, if you don’t have P.E, you can sleep until 8:50!

In addition to classes, every student at George School has Meeting for Worship (MFW) on Tuesday or Thursday morning. Since my MFW falls on Thursday, I have a 30-minute free period on Tuesday mornings.

Most Tuesday mornings, you can find me at Bettye’s place sharing a muffin with my friends. After my MFW free, I have my favorite class, a lab period of alternative photographic processes with Danielle Picard, George School’s photography teacher.

Since I already took Photo I last year, Danielle is teaching us new methods of processing and exposing film in our advanced class this year. Some of the processes we use are Polaroid transfers and Cyanotype emulsions.

I always look forward to arrangement 2 photo because Danielle creates a relaxed and fun environment for us to learn in. We can play music in the darkroom while we work on our projects and sometimes we have hot chocolate that Danielle makes for us!

After lab is over, I go to one last class before I meet up with my friends for lunch in the dining hall. Lunch is a great time to catch up with everyone, especially in the spring, when most of us eat our lunch out on South Lawn or on Red Square.

At the end of the school day, the real action starts. After meeting with teachers during the consultation period, I head over to sports practice with my teammates. We practice for about an hour and a half, and then head to the dining hall for dinner at 5:30.

After dinner, if I don’t have a club meeting, I’ll head to the library to study. After I finish my homework, I am off to bed to rest for another packed day!

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