Arizona Service Trip June 20: Last Day of Teaching

Today was the last day of teaching. I missed two of my boys, Josh and Justin, who didn’t show up and I have no idea if they are going to show up tomorrow, I hope they do. Well, overall today was really good and we had extra time for outdoor exercising in the afternoon.

Then it was time to pack up the town house, where we spent a lot of afternoons recollecting ourselves from the exhaustion from school. We went back to our host families to get ready for the thank you dinner for the fabulously generous hosts. The meal was great and we had quite a pleasant visit with our hosts, Mr. and Mrs. Nezi. I’d say they were the best host family because of their great generosity and the spectacular breakfasts they made for us. It was really regretful that we’ve never had a chance to visit their other house, where we can get to know their animals and Hogan.

Then it came to the big time. My team, the Miami Heat, won the NBA Champion! Again! I’ve had a nice time watching the NBA finals with Jay, Mr. and Mrs. Nezi’s son.

I’m both excited and flustered about tomorrow. It is the field day and also the last day with my students. They’ve been challenging sometimes, but their cuteness and sweetness made every day rewarding.


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