Arizona Service Trip June 19: Second Week of Summer School

As we are starting the second week of summer school my kids have shown a greater interest in me. They always want to share their crazy and wild stories about Big Foot and other fantasy characters. During the school today, my teacher and I had a line full of activities starting from reading multiple books about farm animals, doing a math project, and even having a fitness break. Even though today was just like any other school day, my kindergarten students always are full of energy but sometimes need to be pushed to succeed in their work. I am happy to say that I have seen a positive growth in the way my students have progressed throughout these two weeks.

Our group also visited Frank Young who works for the Kayenta Outpatient Treatment Center. He talked about how many of his clients have fallen off the balance of the four major elements of being a well-rounded human being. Frank listed them as physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

He also talked with us about how a horse is often used for therapy purposes when dealing with drug and alcohol abuse. “Horses protect us from evil,” Frank explained. “They are extremely important in the Navajo culture.” He believes that horses can help many patients who may have lost their native culture.

After reflecting Frank’s message to us, I have realized that not only has drugs and alcohol influenced the Navajo culture, many places from all over the world are experiencing the same problems. As the days left in Arizona are getting shorter, I my appreciation of the Navajo culture and the way that many of my students live and learn at school has grown.
– -Faith K

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