Arizona Service Trip June 17: Back to School

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After yesterday’s long and exhausting hike we were all looking forward to getting some rest. It was Monday, however, which also meant it was a school day. Even though all of us were sleepy and sore, we were looking forward to seeing our students at school. The children seemed out of energy and didn’t seem to want to work at first, but soon they were as energetic as ever and ready to do work—and even more ready to play games. Once school was over we went to the townhouse and took the much needed and very well deserved nap.

After our nap and a snack, Barb and Michael took us shopping. We were all excited because we were expecting the prices to be much more affordable than some of the gift shops we had been to. First we went to the Navajo market close to monument valley were we all shopped for ourselves and our families. We thought we were done there but Barb also took us to Gouldings Lodge in Monument Valley where we could shop even more, and we did. Gouldings Lodge is famous because it was the home of the great western actor John Wayne who has starred in many cowboy movies. We had a great shopping experience.

We then went to dinner at Ms. Matthews’ house, the principal of the elementary school. We ate dinner and shared our experiences with Ms. Matthews about the school and our students. We then bid good night to Ms. Matthews, thanked her for the wonderful dinner, and were dropped off at our home stays.

It was a wonderful end to wonderful day.

— Inayat

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