Arizona Service Trip June 16: Black Mesa Day 2

iPhone Image E5D29F

We spent this weekend with Lena and her brother Ernie at the base of Black Mesa. Sunday morning we woke up in the Hogan and made breakfast over the fire. After we ate we were ready for the 3 mile hike up the Mesa.

The trail was steep and rocky at parts but we followed Ernie and heard some stories along the way. We made it up and rested on the rocks. After we took some pictures and looked out across the valley, we hiked back down to the Hogan to pack everything up. We said goodbye to Ernie and Lena and drove back to the townhouse.

We spent the rest of the day bonding as a group then went back to our home stays. This weekend was a major highlight of the trip. Lena and Ernie are amazing, wise people who welcomed us into their family and taught us all about their culture. The first week has gone so fast!


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