Arizona Service Trip June 14: Summer School

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Today was the last day of our first week of summer school. Many of the students received t-shirt prizes for showing up all five days. They proceeded to model around the school. This happened because many students do not come to school every day, and the prizes are a form of motivation.

In my first grade class, only five out of our nine student class came to school today. It’s crazy that I already feel a strong connection with my students after just one week. When they do not come to school it impacts the entire feel of the classroom.

After a long week the fourteen of us walked back to our town house to relax and prepare to cook our family-style dinner—mac-n-cheese and hot dogs. Afterwards, some of the girls and Michael went exploring a bit, and we walked a mile around the track. Getting some fresh air and clearing our minds was exactly what we needed after our first school-week in the desert.

All of us prepared for a huge sleepover in the town house, and we watched my all-time favorite movie: Lost in Translation. The sleepover helped all of us to bond before we left for our campout on Black Mesa for the weekend. Our anticipation for this trip is very high, and we look forward to experiencing this traditional Navajo weekend together.
— Faith

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