Costa Rica June 17: Monteverde Day 2

Today was our first full day in Monteverde and our first day of service as well. This morning we went to the cloud forest to haul rocks to help make a path through the forest. Initially after a really steep hike to where we’d be working, we split into groups to make the walk a little shorter and easier. After many trips back and forth, we had hauled a total of 75 loads of rocks and completed a large section of the path. It was really cool to work on something that would have otherwise taken a year to complete.

After we finished working we began hiking down the mountain and stopped at quetzal nest with the hopes of seeing one. Lucky for us, we got there just in time to see a male quetzal fly from the nest to go get food. It was really cool seeing something so rare, even if it was only for a few seconds.

After a quick lunch, and returning to the hotel to change into dry clothes, we left to go on our hike in the cloud forest. On the way we stopped at the Monteverde Friends School even though there was no one there. While we were looking around it started to pour, no surprise there. Even though our hike was short, we managed to get completely soaked. Once we were back at the hotel we decided to go into town, and stopped to get ice cream.

I’m really going to miss how beautiful Monteverde is, but I’m looking forward to going to Arenal.

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