Costa Rica June 16: Monteverde

First of all, Pacho is back!!! We picked him up from the airport today.

Our day of departure from Rincon de la Vieja was bittersweet because on one hand we were leaving one of the most incredibly beautiful places we had ever seen however we knew that new and exciting experiences were in our near future. We were not wrong.

After a brief bus ride we arrived at a beach. The path to the shore was bordered by Howler monkeys perched high among the trees. We lounged in the warm Pacific Ocean, attempted to retrieve coconuts from the high palms, and relaxed in the sun with fruit juice and soda in our hands.

Needless to say we were somewhat reluctant to leave the beautiful scenery and the peaceful atmosphere, however our sadness was short lived because our next stop simply took our breath away. While scaling the aptly named Monteverde, we bore witness to mountains and valleys, green fields scattered with cattle and horses and so much foliage that we had only to reach out of the window to touch the surrounding leaves. In addition, all of this was shrouded in a cool fog, created by the low clouds.

We arrived at our hotel and were amazed by everything we saw. We were in a beautiful town, in a quiet part of the mountain and the view from our window was nothing short of incredible. For the second time I found myself thinking that I could spend the rest of my life in this place.

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