Costa Rica June 15: Arriving in Liberia

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We first flew to Miami and then finally to Liberia where only 11 out of 12 of us made it. Unfortunately, Pacho was not allowed into the country and had to return back to the United States to figure out an issue with his visa. Our other leader Ileabeth cheered us up and assured us that everything will be fine and Pacho will return.

We then met our experienced guide, Mario who is both enthusiastic and informative. After a great traditional Costa Rican lunch together, Mario and our driver Rodger safely took us back to our first ecolodge called La Rincon de La Vieja (the corner of the old lady in English). It is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. There are colorful plants, trees, flowers and animals everywhere. The word that describes this place best is tranquil.

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We went for our first short jungle hike and saw white faced capuchin monkeys. Mario informed us about the geothermal areas of the jungle that are helping to improve the economy. He also told us about Costa Rica’s almost entirely self sustainable energy industry. I was surprised to learn that 76 percent of Costa Rica’s energy is powered by hydroelectricity. This made me think that even huge countries like the United States could learn a thing or two from smaller sustainable countries like Costa Rica. As we walked, the beautiful mountain regions humbled me.

Every Costa Rican I have met so far has been very friendly with a huge smile. I am very excited to explore more and meet new people. We are going the waterfall tomorrow!

We miss you Pacho!!! Come back soon 🙂


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