France March 25: A Normal Recess at Day Care

Panting. Out of breath.  Legs aching, in pain.  I don’t know how much longer I could keep this up.  These were my thoughts as I turned around and saw a sea of little faces running towards me.  I was finally trapped in a corner and my nervousness resembled that of a startled or frightened dog.  In a final attempt to escape, I decided to run straight through the middle.  Two brave boys grabbed my legs. Agustin and Tom slowed me down dragging around my feet. The others were able to easily catch me and I was defeated.  The mass had finally gotten to me.  What I don’t understand is how I ended up that position.  At first, I was simply playing soccer with one of the 5-year-old students.  What began as a small game of kicking a ball around, became a game of me playing keep away against 40+ children.  Then, it simply became a game of let’s see if we can catch the tall American.  I sure did get a good workout though.

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